Intraceuticals - Clarity Treatment Gel Sensitive

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Intraceuticals - Clarity Treatment Gel Sensitive
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Calm - Clarify - Hydrate

A lightweight, oil free hydrating gel helps reduce uneven skin build-up, excessive oiliness, enlarged pores in adult acne prone skin and acne prone skin in teens. Age management in regards to the appearance of premature aging for problem prone skin.

How to Use:
Apply 1-2 pumps to face twice daily. For maximum benefits apply after cleansing with Clarity Gel Cleanser. If dryness or dehydration occurs apply Rejuvenate Daily Serum and Hydration Gel. Use Clarity Blemish Wand to calm spots. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Recommended for:
- Sensitive Blemish prone skin, daily build up of oil and keratinisation.
- Oily or combination skin
- Enlarged or congest pores in acne prone skin.
- Prematurely aged skin appearance.


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